School Uniforms

Countryside Christian Academy Uniforms

Countryside Christian Academy Uniforms

At Countryside Christian Academy, adherence to proper school attire is mandatory for all students while on campus. Our uniforms are thoughtfully designed to promote modesty, comfort, and affordability.

CCA requires parents to purchase student shirts (for both boys and girls) directly from the school. However, pants may be obtained from preferred sources as long as they meet the specified general requirements outlined below. We provide a diverse range of uniform options and combinations that prioritize comfort, affordability, and durability.

Boys Uniforms

Boys Shirt Green Boys Shirt Black Boys Shirt Grey Boys Shirt Dress Down

Boys Shirts: Green, black, gray and dress down T's

Boys Pants Black Tan Boys Shorts Black Tan

Boys Pants: Tan or black pants may be worn in any combination with shirts

Boys PE Shorts Boys PE Shirts Boys Hoodie

Boys: Physical Education Uniforms & Hoodies

Girls Uniforms

Girls Shirt Green Girls Shirt Black Girls Shirt Grey Girls Shirt Dress Down

Girls Shirts: Green, black, gray and dress down T's

Girls Pants Girls Capri Girls Shorts Girls Skort

Girls Pants: Girls Capri, pants, shorts and stretch skort

Girls Shorts Girls PE Shirt Girls Hoodie

Girls: Physical Education Uniforms & Hoodies


Crystal Mascaro

“Since Countryside Christian Academy opened its doors in 2000, it has been the heart of leadership to establish a godly foundation for young people. Passing on a legacy of knowledge, character, and faith is the core of the Academy’s mission. Eighteen students were enrolled the opening year; all of them were preschoolers, ages two to four. However, leadership’s vision was to reach more young people."

Ms. Crystal L. Mascaro, MAEdL
Head of School
Countryside Christian Academy