Countryside Christian Academy offeres an alternative to traditional public or private high school

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For more details, please contact: Ms. Crystal Mascaro at 727-799-1618
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Countryside Christian Academy High School offers an online alternative to traditional high schools with our unique virtual program.

High SchoolIs your child enrolled in an Online virtual high school? If so, CCA offers parents another alternative for their child to learn in a safe environment, participate in sports or simply allow them to learn with other Online enrolled students. Your child will spend half the day at CCA working on their Online subjects.

A certified CCA instructor will be in class to help keep your child on task and provide supervision. Students then have the option to spend the other half of the day doing after school activities. (sports, fine arts, etc.)

It is the best of both worlds - a small class size, certified instructor to offer assistance, and the flexibility of a virtual program. Spots are limited. Call for more information or to schedule a tour.

High School Program Information

High School Program Hours: Options vary.

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